What is Botox & Other Neurotoxins

At Emmanuel Skinscience Medspa in West Bloomfield, MI, we offer a comprehensive range of neurotoxins, including Botox®, Dysport®, Juveau®, and Xeomin®. Choosing the right neurotoxin is as simple as discussing it with your injector provider. They are all designed to address both fine and deep-set expression lines and wrinkles by modulating the muscles that move to create these wrinkles. These lines commonly appear on the face as we age due to the skin’s thinning and reduced elasticity. By treating the muscle movement to to soften the facial expressions that are causing the deep wrinkles at the muscular level, we are able to address the root cause of severe expression lines. If treated early, one can avoid deep-set wrinkles.

The dosage of neurotoxins are measured by units. It is extremely important to work with an injector that has a good understanding of placement and muscle movement. The appropriate dosage must be achieve for each individual face and their specific muscular movement. A proper consultation is always required to understand what is needed for a patient’s particular concerns and lifestyle.

Shopping around by price is never recommended, as placement by a good injector will determine dosage, and the overall outcome of the treatment.  By skimping on dosage, the result will be very short-lived. On the other hand, overdosing an area will yield results that are not agreeable.

Botox and other neurotoxins are naturally metabolized by the body. Those with a high metabolic rate or participates in regular, strenuous exercise will naturally metabolize through their neurotoxins much faster than those who do not.

This is why it is important to work with an injector that understands all of these factors, along with your aesthetic goals and lifestyle to work with you on a plan that meets your needs.

Benefits of Botox

Neuromodulators treat aesthetic concerns like wrinkle removal and wrinkle reduction, but it can also treat some health conditions like hyperhidrosis and TMJ pain. Hyperhidrosis is a condition in which individuals experience excessive sweating, typically from the armpits. This condition can easily drain confidence and make individuals feel self-conscious.

Injections into the area and muscles of the armpit can relax them and keep the sweat glands from overproducing sweat. TMJ pain is another common condition that’s caused by different factors, including teeth grinding, tension, and stress. Those who can’t find relief from TMJ pain often turn to this injectable, which relaxes the jaw muscles and, in doing so, decreases pain. In addition, here are a few more benefits of Botox and Neuromodulators:

  • Reduces excessive sweating
  • Diminishes the appearance of acne scars
  • Improves the shape of facial features
  • Tighten the skin

Experience Younger-Looking Skin

If you want to treat expression lines and wrinkles to achieve younger-looking skin or resolve TMJ pain or hyperhidrosis, we offer the most effective injectables that can help you reach your wrinkle removal, aesthetic and medical goals. Our expert injector will create a unique treatment plan that helps safely and effectively meet each of your unique needs. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a Neuromodulator?

What Is a Neuromodulator? A neuromodulator, sometimes called a neurotoxin, is a highly purified protein and is the active ingredient in all of our anti-aging injectables. It works by blocking the communication between the muscles injected during treatment and the brain. When the nerve signals can’t carry the message to the muscles to contract, they remain relaxed, which leads to wrinkle reduction and wrinkle removal. Neurotoxins are safe, highly purified, and effective active ingredients that can reverse the signs of aging and help alleviate symptoms of muscular-related health conditions.

What Are The Post-Treatment Instructions?

What Are The Post-Treatment Instructions? You won’t have to plan around downtime after your injections, but our injector will provide you with a list of detailed post-treatment instructions to ensure the best outcome. You must avoid strenuous workouts for 24 hours post-treatment, so if you plan on working out on the day of your appointment, be sure to schedule your workout before your treatment. You also must avoid environments or activities that increase your body temperature as well as excess sun exposure. After your treatment: Keep your head elevated for at least four hours Avoid touching the treatment sites Avoid anti-inflammatory supplements and medications and alcohol consumption for at least 24 hours

Can Botox be combined with other treatments like hydrafacial treatments?

Yes, combining Botox with hydrafacial treatments can enhance overall facial rejuvenation by addressing both dynamic wrinkles and skin hydration.

Is Botox safe?

Botox is overall a safe cosmetic and even medical treatment. Botox is NOT safe for those pregnant or breastfeeding, people with neuromodulator disorders, those allergic to Botox. Signs of allergy to botox; Headache or flu-like symptoms, Droopy eyelids, Crooked smiles, Drooling, Eye dryness or excessive tearing, Upset stomach, Numbness, Malaise

How Does The Injection Process Work?

The injection process is quick and virtually painless. It only takes approximately ten minutes to receive treatment. Our injector will administer a series of quick and virtually painless treatments with a thin, fine needle. Some patients request a topical numbing solution before beginning the injections; others do not. Our injector can discuss the treatment with you to determine if you would benefit from a topical numbing solution or if it is unnecessary for you.

How Long Until I See Results from Botox?

All our neuromodulators are fast-acting treatments. Most patients begin to notice an improvement in their treatment areas and younger-looking skin within three to four days of their initial injections; for others, it takes closer to seven days. The best results appear within 30 days of the initial treatment and last anywhere from three to four months. Regular follow-up treatments once your results begin to wear off will ensure that you can continue to live wrinkle-free long-term.

Am I a good candidate for Botox?

Candidates generally range between the ages of 20 and 65, as wrinkles in individuals over 65 are considered “static” and do not disappear when the skin relaxes. There are other procedures that target static wrinkles. However, each patient is unique, and private consultations are recommended to determine the best and most effective treatment plan.

We want what’s best for you and your skin. Tell us your concerns and we’ll work with you to meet your goals.

We have the technology and expertise to make beautiful things happen.  Each journey begins with an introductory consultation.  Schedule one today!
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